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How to configure dual display unit for Room Kit and Kit plus


I have purchased 3 room kits and 2 room kit plus. Along with them i have procured 2 display units for each VC. My intension is to see Presentation in one dispaly unit and Meeting in other display unit. I tried to do it in Video options but every time i am able to see blank screen instead of content sharing while sharing the content. Configured in Stand alone mode, Please suggest here how to configure.

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make certain the displays are connected to the Display outs and not the HDMI inputs on the Room Kit Plus Codec.  HDMI inputs for the content sharing should be on input 2 and 3, while the camera is connected to input 1.


See Page 14 & 18 of the Installation Guide.


If connecting to the Room Kit, Make certain the HDMI is also connected to the Input on the Quad cam for the Content sharing and the output for the two screens are connected to the outputs on the camera.


See Page 17 & 21 of the guide:


Automatic setup:
There is no special configuration needed on the video system in order to support dual monitors scenarios. By default the
number of monitors are auto-detected, and the role of each monitor - whether it is intended to be the first second monitor - is
automatically set according to the physical connections.


When do you need manual setup:
You can override the default behavior by setting one or more settings manually. You need manual setup when you want to:
• Dedicate a monitor to only show presentations
• Replicate the same layout on more than one monitor
• Show the on-screen messages and indicators (OSD) on another monitor than the video output with the lowest number
• Set the resolution manually, e.g. if the video system fails to detect the native resolution and refresh rate of a monitor


CE9.1 and above:

Dual Screen experience and Active Control for CMS based meetings
Dual screen video systems can utilize both screens for video in a CMS based meeting. The video system
receives two transcoded video streams and one content stream from the CMS, and utilizes both screens to render
the streams. With Active Control enabled, you get a participant list that shows all meeting participants and their current
activity status, such as mute, sharing and active speaker indication. You can change the layout seamlessly from the
touch interface by using the layout selection panels.

can the user override the set up.  for example.  we would have default set to 1 sharing and one video, but in some instances someone may want to share the same on both screens.  Is it possible for the end user to do that or can the only person to modify have to do it through the admin console. So, for one meeting it might be one way and another a different configuration.

You should be able to achieve this with some UI buttons and macros to swap the configuration between the different modes that your end users can operate on the Touch panel.  See the Customization Guide for some ideas on how to implement these.

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If you want to permanently set it so that the participant video is on Monitor 1 and the Presentation is always on Monitor 2, then set the Video Output Monitor Role settings on each of the Room Kit devices, and set the device's Monitor setting to DualPresentationOnly


xConfiguration Video Output Connector 1 MonitorRole: First
xConfiguration Video Output Connector 2 MonitorRole: PresentationOnly
xConfiguration Video Monitors: DualPresentatonOnly


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