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multisite license

Level 1
Level 1

                   Hi everybody,

I want to establish a video teleconference solution between two sites using Sx20 Quick Set (CTS-SX20-PHD4X-K9).

Do i need the purchase the multisite license (LIC-SX20-MS) at each each end / quick set SX20.



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Jens Didriksen
Level 9
Level 9

A multisiste license will allow you to connect a maximum of 3 other sites on each system, so if you only want to do point-to-point calls between these two, or any other system for that matter, then you don't need a multisite licence for neither of them.

If you wish to host multisite calls on either one, then you need a multisiste license on each.

If you wish to host multisite calls on just one of these, then you need a multisite license for that particular unit.


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Does this means that If I have three sites each having Weebex Room Kit with multisite licences I can establish video session among them without having to buy CUCM and Meeting Servers HW & licenses?

Correct - you really would only need the multi-site license on one of them, then just call the other two from that one.

Thnaks for your update.
Unlike on SX20 and above I'm not seeing multisite licenses for Webex room
Kit (either Pro, plus or mini) while on the various datasheets it's said
they are optional.
Can you help?

The Multisite licence has always been an optional licence for the devices, including on the SX20s, and the C series before them.

If you didn't purchase one with the RoomKit device, you can purchase one afterwards (use the L-ROOM-PAK SKU, and then select the L-KIT-MS option beneath it).


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