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Multistream not working

Mike Assel

I know it's new, but has anyone had any luck getting the new multistream functionality on the Telepresence Server working?  I'm pretty sure I have all the prerequisites and configurations in place, but it's not working.  

Thanks,  Mike

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Mike -

What infrastructure and endpoints are you using, as well as software versions for each?

I know you're using an MX800 from your other discussion here and I presume have the endpoint configured per the presentation slide desk I linked to.  Did you check the other pages, regarding other required settings to get it working?

Required servers, versions, and special settings if any.

  • Conductor XC3.0
    • Ensure “Allow iX Application Media” is enabled within the SIP Profile applied to any SIP trunks the calls traverse (for instance the trunk to Conductor)
  • CUCM 10.5(2)
    • On the Conference Template, ensure “Enable iX protocol” is not set to “False”. No need to check the box this works by default without configuring any additional paramters
  • Virtual TP Server 4.1
  • SX20/80, MX200/300 G2, MX700/800

Beyond trying to help make sure you have the correct server versions and settings, as I don't have CUCM, I can't help do an actual test.

Conductor: XC3.0.1
TP Server: 4.1(1.79)
MX800: TC7.3.0.8cb420c

MX800 has been configured to match the settings in those bullet points, and the two conductor settings are configured correctly as well.  I'll bang on it some more tomorrow. 



Hey guys,

I seem to be facing the same issue.  I have everything in place as it should be.  All settings checked per the document, and still my SX80 doesn't do multistream.  Any gotchas out there that users are seeing?


Hi Tim,

Can you please confirm which software versions you are running. This thread is a little old and recently released versions of the TS (4.1(2.x) or 4.2(x)) will be incompatible with the experimental TC7.3 multistream.



Thanks James

CUCM - 11.1
Conductor - 4.0
VTS - 4.2 (4.18)

SX80 (off network coming through VCS-e) ce8 beta10
MX300G2 - ce8 beta10
MX700 - (off network coming through VCS-e) 7.3.3

It is a rendezvous number, and when I dial the SX80 in it shows up as Standard for Type on the VTS.  I didn't know if the initial SX80 call coming through the VCS would hurt it or not.  I can setup a different scenario if need be.  But confirmation that the beta ce code will work, will help.

Hi Tim,


Multistream is not currently supported correctly through the Expressway, which will explain why the SX80 isn't working. As for MX300G2, the beta10 CE8 code should work with the 4.2(4.18) you have set up but there are a small number of hoops to jump through


I'd recommend contacting your EFT contact for CE8 with regards to getting this set up. They should be able to take a look at the Conductor and CUCM settings to check that the IX and multistream protocols are making between the TS and MX300 end-to-end.




Does anyone have an update as to when CE8 will be available?  Q4?  Q1/2016?

From what I've seen said here and there in the forums from people asking about Proxmity (because Proximity relies on CE8), it could possibly be Nov, but could be later depending on if they find any other issues.

I have an SX80 that will only do Standard on a call with 2 SX20's that show Multistream.

What is missing on the SX80 that will not allow it to do a Multistream call?

Is Multistream enabled on the SX80, and is the call rate high enough to allow Mulitsream?

Multistream is Auto and Conference MultistreamAudio is off

The call rate is 6000kps

If it's enabled on the endpoint, it could be related to your environment.  Since this thread is about a year old now, suggest you create a new thread and provide as much detail regarding your environment as possible to help figure out what and where the issue is.

Since you said it works for two SX20s, and not the SX80.  Perhaps is the SX80 calling using H323, as Multistream is SIP only?  Other than that, if you can't figure it out, as I mentioned you should create a new thread so we can look into the issue further.

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