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MX300 and SX10 firmware upgrades (TC to CE)


Hi All,

I have been reviewing Cisco documentation about upgrading firmware on MX300 and SX10 and still don't have a clear understanding.

I have a number of Cisco Telepresence devices (MX300 G2 and SX10) which are registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5(2)

I wish to upgrade our Cisco Telepresence device (MX300 G2 & SX10) firmware from TC7.3.5 & CE8.0.1 (respectively) to CE8.2.1


I have read the release notes for CE8.2.1 and I believe we are ok to proceed.

The question I have is around the procedure to upgrade:


Step 1: Back up Cisco Telepresence device configurations


Step 2: Install device pack (cterm-devicepack10.5.2.14076-1.cop.sgn or later) on each CUCM node and reboot each node individually


Step 3: Upgrade firmware on Telepresence endpoints

Here is where I am not sure of 2 things:


Do I need to install the individual cop files for the MX300G2 and SX10 on CUCM (e.g cmterm-s52010ce8_2_1.k3.cop.sgn)

I would assume these are in the device pack?

Do I also need to install the pkg firmware file  (e.g s52010ce8_2_1.pkg)  on the end devices directly, or can the firmware be upgraded using the “Phone Load Name” field within the Device Information in CUCM and reset the device (like you do with Cisco IP Phones)?

My preference is to do the Phone Load method if possible.

I recollect reading somewhere that the MX300 or SX10 phone loads may not show up in Device Defaults.

If upgrading via Phone Load is possible, where do you find the phone load name? ( in CUCM TFTP management?)

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Our Telepresence units did not have the "External Manager" field configured even though they had static IP addresses. I assume in the past, these devices may have originally been setup for DHCP and had somehow cached CUCM/TFTP details.

Based on the Telepresence device admin guides, I concluded that the "External Manager" field should be configured as no Option 150 would be provided by DHCP.

An update on Step 3.

I accidentally installed  cmterm-s52010ce8_2_1.k3.cop.sgn on the CUCM publisher, instead of the device pack. Without a reboot, I noticed the Device Default had "s52010ce8_2_1.pkg" in the Cisco Telepresence MX200 G2, MX300 G2 and SX20 fields.

So that answered the question on what the phone load name is.

After installing the device pack on the CUCM publisher and rebooting, I looked in the TFTP File Management for any other files starting with "s5". There was only the one above.

Based on this, I concluded that the Cisco Telepresence firmware files are not included in the CUCM device pack . I could be wrong?

I installed the SX10 firmware file (s52030ce8_2_1.pkg) and the CUCM Publisher.

52030ce8_2_1.pkg showed up in device default in the Cisco Telepresence SX10 field

I installed all 3 cop files (MX300 G2, SX10 and Device Pack) on all remaining nodes.

And rebooted each node and waited for all services to start, individually starting with the publisher.

I believe this reboot process reset the Telepresence devices and therefore kicked off the upgrade a little prematurely. The upgrade did not take very long, and all devices upgraded successfully.

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