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No Video between CCM E20 and GK H.323 device

Level 4
Level 4

I'm having trouble getting video to work between a legacy H.323 environment and CCM 8.6. Here's the setup:

We have Jabber softphone, 3 x E20s and a C40 registered directly to the CCM. Calls work fine between all these devices.

3 x H.323 devices are registered to an IOS GK. They are then added as GK controlled devices in CCM. The H.323 devices can call each other fine.

However when calling between E20 or C40 and the H.323 Sony or Polycom, it connects with audio only. Strangely the Jabber softphone can conned with video to the Sony fine.

Is there something I need to turn off on the E20/C40 or in CCM?

Do I have the right setup? (not using SIP trunk to GK?)

Any suggestions welcome!


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi James,

    Most likely this is an interworking issue ( since the E20 / C 40 ) are SIP registered in CUCM and the IOS GK it's an H.323 set device, the CUCM will have to interwork the capability set from SIP to H.323

     To have a better understanding of what is going wrong here I'm afraid that we'll need to take a look at a detailed set of logs from endpoint / CUCM and far end H.323 device.

   I would recommed opening a CISCO SR to further troublehsoot this issue.

Let me know once the SR is opened and Iæll follow it up with the CSE working on the case



Thanks Cristian,

I opened an SR 623632273, and the engineer recommended a SW MTP and codec passthrough to be configured. This resolved the interworking issues.



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