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Hoping someone can help me out here... I'm currently migrating all our units from the old VCS (I know... Sad to see the back of the old Tandberg days) to the control hub.

Currently have loads of Room Kit endpoints.

Main VC providers:
Microsoft Teams (Bluejeans CVI - long story)
Not using Webex unless an external company invites us to a call

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get a units OBTP to look for a SIP address and if there is no SIP address then default to WebRTC?

I was using Zoom's API for OBTP as we have 1080p enabled. I've been testing the control hub hybrid calendar but Microsoft Teams defaults to WebRTC (Must be becuase we are not using Webex CVI?) instead of the Bluejeans CVI and Zoom won't include the 309 code for 1080p.

Also, I doubt this is possible but has anyone managed to get a WebRTC macro working for Microsoft Teams and Zoom (like the google meet button)?

Companies like SynergySky are able to do it so it must be possible. I just don't have a million pounds (slight exaggeration but it's still a lot of money) to pay them to provide the service.




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I can’t answer all your questions, but on the hybrid calendar being limited to Cisco’s CVI, that’s not accurate. It can work with other CVI services. If it doesn’t work with BlueJeans it would mean that the content of the meeting booking in the calendar isn’t being formed in a way that the hybrid calendar detects. It looks for some predetermined strings in the calendar object.

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Hey Roger,

Thanks for the reply and that's good to know. I'll take a look at the dial string and see if I can find out why it's not working.

As for the other questions, I fear it may just be a limitation at this time but hopefully further updates will allow us to choose the protocol or at least if there is a SIP address use that and if there is no SIP address use WebRTC.

Considering Room Kits can now be Teams Rooms I don't see why Cisco would not open it up.

Anyway, thanks again for the help! Much Appreciated.