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Hello,I'm trying to use a Cisco TelePresence MX300g2 as a monitor for a desktop in order to display relevant information. This seems to not work since I currently get the error message "not registered". From what I've seen this means I need to regist...

I have a MSE 8510 that randomly will reject web interface admin logins with the following warning in the logs, "login failed authenticity check; disallowing". It isn't the U&P because i am able use it another browser, the problem i am down to my last...

Resolved! Codec c60 access

Hello.Does anyone know how to factory reset the Codec c60 when there is no access via the web interface and the OSD menu is not displayed on the screen? I have donated the equipment taken over by the tax authorities, but unfortunately, apart from tur...

syper by Beginner
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Having to think outside the box on this one.  I'm losing my network transport for H.323 protocol based codecs.  Not ready to throw away a million dollar setup just yet.  Looking for a solution whereby I could feed the codec data packets into a softwa...