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Pairing a touch controller to an EX60


When I am connecting a new touch controller to the EX60, it is not coming up with a codec for me to select so the only choice is manual entry. When I select it, I have to put in an IP address, but I don't know if it needs to be a specific one or one that I choose randomly. I was looking at a touch controller for a device that is working and tried to set it up similar to that IP address but that didn't work. The message I get is "Software synchronization failed      The touch screen failed to synchronize with the codec"


How do I get this to pair with the screen? I read through a lot of documentation and it either doesn't say or I failed to recognize what I needed. Any help would be appreciated.

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Anurag Srivastava1



Which touch type you are trying to pair with EX60? Its only supports touch 8 not the touch 10 


And if you are getting the s "Software synchronization failed" then try to check in release notes of your codec software about the comparability of touch panel software.



Please rate if it is helpful and mark as accepted solution if applicable...

Please rate if it is helpful and mark as accepted solution if applicable....

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If you have a touch 8 (the smaller black touch screen used with C series codecs), it would generally be directly connected to the codec, so pairing would not be an issue. If you are trying to pair a touch 8 to an EX over the network, the IP address needed would be the IP address of the EX60. 


if you are trying to pair a Touch 10 (larger and white, looks somewhat like an iPad) it won't work, they are not at all compatible. 


Hope this helps. 

I am trying to connect the touch 8. I am connecting it directly as opposed to over the network and it is not finding the codec. When I plug an already configured touch controller from a different system it comes up and works. When I initially plugged it in it did a software update but it will not find the codec regardless of what I do.