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PIN for CUCM - Conductor rendezvous conference

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I have a working CUCM - Conductor - TelePresence Server conferencing setup.  Conference alias for the rendezvous conference matches 10 different dial patterns that will allow us to create 10 conferences at the same time. 

The requirement is to enable PIN authentication/challenge for the participant to join the rendezvous conferences.  Using the conference template advanced configuration, PIN can be enabled & configured.  But it seems that only one PIN is possible and participant can join any rendezvous conference with that single PIN.  Is it possible to configure different PIN for each of the 10 rendezvous conferences.

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In this setting this is the only way.

You can creat "CMR"  and give the  pine code controll to aperson that owner a room . he can change his pin code to the room .

With your current deployment, the only option is to set the PIN within the conference template, if you're using the template to create all ten conferences, they will all use the same PIN.

As Sharon has mentioned, a solution is to use the CMR feature when using TMS, TMSPE, and Conductor.  With CMR Premises you can create personal meeting rooms for your users and they can each customize their own options including PINs.  Check the Cisco-TMSPE with Cisco Unified CM Deployment Guide, CMR specific options start on pg 31.