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quad camera wall mount for spark room kit+

matt mcfetridge

Has anyone had any luck jury-rigging a monitor mount so that this camera can be mounted onto a monitor and NOT the wall? This mount in general is really bad and the camera easily pops out of the little brackets on the L mount. This is one of the worst cisco/tandberg mounts outside of the SX20 mounts that i've ever used. We don't mount anything to the walls as it makes it a nightmare to try to pull a monitor off a wall with all the cords connected. I've ended up using 3M dual-lock to make it more secure--but this isn't a good solution in the long run...I want to put the quad cam on a cart based unit, but not sure how i'm going to do this. Also the $200 MSRP on the spark room kit+ endpoint is a joke. It looks like $20 worth of cheap steel. Otherwise the systems themselves are fantastic--they are just designed by people that have never been in a conference room or supported a room system.

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If you're looking to mount an endpoint on the back of TV, you should be looking a either the SX10 or Spark Room Kit (not Plus). Spark Room Kit Plus is meant to be mounted on a wall, not a TV.

I'm sorry, but just because the mount isn't good--doesn't make sense to have to downgrade to one of the entry level endpoints. Even if the quad cam wall mount was actually mounted to a wall the safety tabs still don't work and pop out with slight tension. 


Cisco should be revisiting how customers are using their products. Another example is the poorly designed MX300 back cover for the wall mount. What logic would it make sense to have to pull the unit off the wall just to access the cables. That back cover should have been able to come off independently and not require 2 people to service the unit.