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[Question] Intouh 8 (DVC-8) suddeny have no response within bottom line keys

Level 1
Level 1

Hi. I' facing some weired stituation, have anyone had this problem?

After factory reset the touchpad (DVC-8) which connected with SX20,

suddeny the bottom line keys start not working. so I can't connect to other devices within the touchpad.

what happend? and it' also cannot be factory-reset, because that ! button also does not work.

what am I suppose to do?

reference below the image file with red-boxed. red-boxed line is not working keys.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jinsung,

this bottom line unresponsive issue was a bug in earlier software version less than TC 5.1.5

in case your SX20 is not on TC 6, please try to upgrade it to TC 6.1 version so that you touch panel can also upgrade its own version.

i will also recommend you to disconnect this touch from SX20 unit and try to connect it to any other unit which is on version higher than TC 5.1.5

well... after I did the version upgrade the SX20 , How can I connect the touch pad to SX20?

it alreay deactvated of touch keyboard. so, it can't be connect the SX20.

and that means version change also un-available...

is there any other way to upgrade? we only have SX20 and DVC-8.