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"Endpoints in a call" not more displayed on TMS homepage "System Usage" charts


Hi all.

On TMS 15.3, "Endpoints in a call" chart is not displayed any more on the TMS portal homepage ("System Usage" charts).

"Booked Enpoints" chart is still displayed.

Anyone having the same issue ? I didn't find any related bug.



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It appears for me, have you tried different browsers and/or disabling any installed plugins or add-ons? What about trying from the TMS Server itself?

Around the first time you noticed it wasn't working, was there any changes made to TMS or you're environment?

Thank you Patrick.

IE, Chrome, from a workstation or from the TMS server itself... the issue is the same.

No change made to the TMS when the issue occured.

I can't find ant related bug.

TAC may help...

I had similar where the "in call" indicator wasn't showing reliably, and we were missing some Call Detail Records.  Turned out on ours that TLS1.0 had been disabled on the IIS server.  We used the IIS Crypto tool to turn it back on / reset back to defaults.

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Thanks Wayne. It seems that CDRs are not collected properly on our TMS server whereas external manager is correctly set on the endpoints... We will look deeper into this. Thanks.

It sounds as if TMS isn't receiving the CDR data, could be a network issue somewhere between it and the managed endpoints/VCS.  That graph is generated by data that is contained within the database, if you click on the link below the graph, it takes you to a CDR report, do you see data for the date range in question?

Yes, you're right Patrick. No CDR since a couple of days. We are investigating the network.

I suppose CDR are pushed from the endpoint to the "External Manager" which is actually set up in the endpoint configuration by TMS itself when adding the system in TMS (CDR is then transmit through a HTTP session).

For example:

Welcome to Visio-Paris

TANDBERG Codec Release F9.3.1 PAL

SW Release Date: 2013-01-18



xstatus externalmanager

*s ExternalManager:

     Address: ""

     Protocol: HTTP

     URL: "tms/public/external/management/systemmanagementservice.asmx"



Any comments ?

You could try setting the endpoints to use HTTPS. Note sure if it would affect you or not, but starting with TMS 15.0, the default communication method with managed systems uses HTTPS, however if it fails, HTTP is used. Do you know when you upgraded to TMS 15.x and does it coincide with the last CDR data you see in your reports?

To see what I'm talking about, take a look at the "Security Enhancements" section in the TMS 15.0 Release Notes

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