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Smart Scheduler - Changing Favorite dial out number

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Many of our customers are using the "Smart Scheduler" from the Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (15.7.0) with the Provisioning Extension (1.13.0) together with Cisco Meeting Server CMS (2.3.6). The old fashioned TMS Front End is not available for them.

We have the following issue: There are many meetings scheduled with "automatic dial out" to phone numbers and Lync users. The users have stored the phone numbers and Lync users in the favorites of the Smart Scheduler (there are many external users and numbers). But there is a problem when changing the dial-out-number of a favorite, which is used in a future meeting. The changed data is shown in the future meeting in the Smart Scheduler, but it is not changed in the TMS for the meeting. The TMS will dial out the "old" number.. Our Workaround is currently to delete the favorite entry in the meeting, save the meeting, and re-add the entry and save again (two mails are sent out).


We have opened an enhancement request ( but it seems, that we are the only one who has this issue.


Is there anybody who has the same problem? Is there any workaround for this?

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