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SNMP on TC software - should i use it

Michel Tosu


I just want to get som input on the question of using SNMP with TC systems. As far as i know, TMS management of TC systems is done over HTTP/HTTPS, however the units support SNMP and it's activated by default. My question is of SNMP is used anyway in some way by the TMS to monitor the systems. I found the following in the TMS admin guide:

Scan SNMP Capable Systems to Allow  Quick Discovery of Inaccessibility
This setting will allow Cisco TMS to more quickly detect whether a system has gone offline. Enabling this is recommended.

Does this mean that the TMS will notice more quickly that a SX20 with SNMP is down than if will if the SX20 has SNMP disabled? Is there any other impact on the TMS managebility if i turn SNMP off?


2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Patrick McCarthy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That is it really - functionality is the same, phonebooks, config changes, scheduling, etc, but TMS will recognize a down/offline system more quickly, so if you are using TMS to give your staff a heads up about a problem using SNMP will give you faster notification. Other than that the functionality is the same. 


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