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spare DVI to VGA presentation cables for SX20


hi All,

I would like to have a spare DVI to VGA presentation cables for SX20, I managed to searched the Part number is "CAB-DVI-VGA-3.5MM - SX20 3.5mm", but I cannot confirm, because I suppose the cable should be shipped with SX20, when I created a BOM for "CTS-SX20-PHD12X-K9", I thought I was able to find it in the option list, but I am not. So I was wondering that  the part number is right for SX20 or not...

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Wayne DeNardi
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As discussed previously in these forums (see this thread) - you'll find it much simpler and cheaper to buy a DVI-VGA cable and a seperate 3.5mm audio cable from your local electronics supplier.  These can then be purchased in lengths that are more suitable for your purpose as well (so you don't have to worry about 6m of cable if you don't need that much, or can get longer if you need that too).  YOu can then make these two cables a "single cable" using cable ties, or snakeskin wrapping them together (or any other way you deem appropriate).

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