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SX-Series device does not display the computer's content


We have in the auditorium Kramer (or Crestron and Blackbox) AV Matrix and Cisco SX20. When I connect my MacBook (or iPad) to the digital connector (DislayPort/HDMI) on the SX-Series device does not display the computer's content. But when I show the same image directly through av-matrix  to the projector, the image is displayed. The problem is only with Apple computers.

Ari Paldanius - Educational Technology Specialist
The University of Eastern Finland

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

HI Ari,

are you connecting your MacBook to SX20 input HDMI port ( typically used for camera input) with a direct HDMI to HDMI cable or its through any AV matrix ?

can you share xstatus video logs when you try to connect macbook to sx20 ? what is the resolution of content being shared ?

is it works when DVI input on sx20 is used ?

Connection goes: mac / ipad (HDMI cable) -> HDMI Matrix (HDMI to DVI cable) -> Cisco SX20 (HDMI cable) -> HDMI matrix and finaly projector!

It could be a setting in the AV Matrix that is outputting an incorrect resolution when the Apple device is connected.  To test whether it's an issue with whatever the AV Matrix is outputting, or whether it's an issue with the Apple devices, are you able to connect the Apple device directly to the SX20 (bypassing the Matrix on the input side of the SX20)?



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