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SX10 codec- Need to use line input


We are using SX10 codec & we need to use a balance line signal out from Biamp Nexia DSP as a Mic input to this codec. We are connecting 3 mics in Nexia DSP & mix Balance out will go to Mic In of SX10 codec for far end participants. 


The 4 pin connector pinout given by cisco is 1, 2, 3, 4 = T, R1, R2, S = Hot+, Cold-, Mic control, Ground respectively.


We are using 4 pin connector with the signal Hot+, Cold- , Ground as pins 1, 2, 4 respectively. We are not using pin 3 as Mic control for Mute/Unmute button. 

By using this connection we are not able to get audio at far end. 

Do we need to short pin 3 & 4 for grounding Mic control to work this?

If we use External Mic of Cisco, it works fine.

Please share the solution..

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This might answer your questions, since the SX20 uses the same type of microphone connector.


How do i connect multiple (3) mics using this setup?

You can use use an external microphone mixer to mix the audio of the three microphones together and then send them out a single output into the SX10.
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