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SX10 connect via expressway no video



We have Expressway C & E setup in our organization for Mobile and Remote Access with Jabber. When calling Jabber to Jabber we have two way video. However, after setting up a new SX10 remotely and calling an internal user on Jabber, the Telepresence unit is only sending audio, while the SX10 is receiving video from Cisco Jabber for Windows. Please note that this is not Telepresence Jabber, but regular Jabber 10.6.4


Could there be something I am doing wrong, or do we need special licensing to enable Video from the SX10 through expressway.


Thank you.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Please answer below questions.

Jabber to Jabber----->  A/V works fine

SX 10 to Jabber  -----> A/V doesn't works.

Question: 1. Is SX 10 registered over MRA on your CUCM.

                   2.   Is Sx 10 making a call over MRA or both Sx 10 and jabber are internally located

                      and making calls.

I know its a new installation, worth checking the self view of Sx 10.





Hello VD,

Please see my answers in line below. Thanks kindly.


Jabber to Jabber----->  A/V works fine - Correct

SX 10 to Jabber  -----> A/V doesn't work - Partial (Audio is fine through MRA, Video is not)

Question: 1. Is SX 10 registered over MRA on your CUCM - Yes

                   2.   Is Sx 10 making a call over MRA or both Sx 10 and jabber are internally located

                      and making calls - Call over MRA

I know its a new installation, worth checking the self view of Sx 10 - Self View Video is working fine


Few things i can think of is mtp getting invoked due to codec mismatch or dtmf mismatch.

check the DTMF configured on Jabber and Sx 10 and set it to no preference.

Also, you may want to check the region and bandwidth settings for  both the devices.

Sip log will be more helpful in finding out whats going on with media. pcap on EC and EE can give clear picture. 

Also,  you may want to get the medial port range verified on FW.





hi, you can resolve this problem?



One way audio or video is usually a firewall issue.

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