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SX20 External Speaker




We have an SX20 Cisco VC and we have some issues with the microphone. I wants to deploy an external microphone/speaker that would be placed on Cisco system (it will be far from users by 4 or 5 metres) .The table is rectangular and can seat approx 10 people.

I would like to use a JABRA 810 MS ( Cuz it can be used on laptops too). BUT I'm not sure if it's compatible with my Cisco SX20 or Not.

Can anyone help please!




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Rising star

I think you'd be much better served by replacing the microphone, but.....


Will this work? I looked at the specs - I see it can connect to a 3.5m headphone jack on a laptop. The trick will be to get speaker out to your device and the mic in all through that one 3.5 connection. I believe there are split/combine adapters available to do that, if so I would imagine you can get this to work. 


One thing for sure - it's not a supported/tested solution, so if you have trouble TAC will not help you. 


Thanks for your advice. I chose the jabra cuz it's equipped with micro noise-canceling (which only keeps the human voice). but if there is micro cisco compatible with my SX20 and equipped with this option I am a taker.


Thank you.

Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

Ideally table microphones shouldn't be much more than 1.5m away from whomever is speaking in to them, otherwise you will be picking up lots of background/ambient noise and not getting great audio, or you will need to force the audio through some external DSP first to try to clean it up which may help, but isn't as good as placing microphones closer to whomever is speaking in to them.

You may be better off using the Ceiling Ceiling Microphones.

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Hello, Thank you.

Now I'm using a Cisco Table Microphone 20, that is placed on the table. the problem is when we have a visio conference, people on the other side do not hear us well (the voice is not clear). so i did some research i found the Jbara 810 MS that is equiped with zoomTalk option (that keeps only the humain voice). But i was not sure that it compatibl with the Cisco SX20.

My request is how can i improve the voice quality?

some people told me to use another Cisco Table Microphone 20, others told me to use an external microphone.

Help me please! 

Have you tried increasing the mic level on the codec's web interface and see if that makes any difference?


How can I do it please?


API command to change the mic level thru CLI:


xConfiguration Audio Input Microphone n Level: Level


n: Unique ID that identifies the microphone input. Range: 1..2
Level: Integer (0..24)
Select a value between 0 and 24


By default the mic level is set to '14' increase it to 19 and see if it makes any difference.

Thank you.

I let you know if the propblem is resolved 

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