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SX20 presentation issue

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We have some SX20 systems and from a couple weeks back we've had an issue that when sharing a screen from a PC (connected directly to codec from PC with the provided cable) the other end of the conference stops seeing the shared PC randomly, on the presenting end it all seems fine but the other end stops seeing the shared content as if someone had press the Stop Sharing button. The only pattern we have found on this is that it happens in around 10-15minutes from the conference start, unplugging and re plugging the source solves it most of the times but it happens again in the mentioned time frame, has anyone stumbled into this before?

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Some needed details in your end:

1. What is the firmware version of your SX20?

2. What is the model and also firmware version of the far end endpoint used?

3. Are you doing point to point or multipoint call?

4. What type of call protocol used? H323 or SIP? or direct IP dialing?

5. Is there a call control in used? (VCS/CUCM)?

6. Is there a MCU involved in the call?

7. Is there a firewall in between your endpoint and the far end?








onur temel
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Hi Alfredo

I got some issue too.

Have you fixed it?