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Tandberg Password problem

Level 1
Level 1

Hi there,

Is there any way that I can hack into a MXP3000. We are reconfiguring the infrastructure but we do not know the password for the unit, The unit is located remotely so we only have Telnet and web based access. Is there a way to retrieve the password for the unit or force change the password remotely.


Le Roux Joubert

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Anthony Thomson
Level 3
Level 3

I'm assuming that you're talking about the IP password here, not the Menu password.

No, not that I know of.  On an MXP, Root user uses the same password as Admin.

You're best option is to hop on the phone with a user at the remote location and guide them through the process of changing the password through the menus.

If you ALSO don't have the menu password, then as far as I know you're out of luck at that point.  You need access to the serial port.  Again though, you could talk someone through the process of hooking that up, and then taking remote control of the PC connected to the serial port.

I don't recall any magic remote key sequences that restore the password or default settings--only how to get English menus back.

Garvan Long
Level 1
Level 1

If its priror to F7 software you can highlihg the password in the menu and then press # depending on the version it will either reveal the entire password or the last character. If it reveals the last character delete that character and the next character is revealed. when all character have been revealed then exit and dont save.

If its managed by TMS you cna also use TMS admin commands to update the passwor don the unit and the TMS database at the same time