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TMS 13.2.1 webinterface incredibly slow with firefox

Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


I am using TMS13.2.1 with Firefox 16.0.2 (java disabled) on OSX 10.8.2 and I experience that the TMS for example going to systems / navigator

is extremely slow with Firefox, if I use chrome its really really fast. Any one else experienced that? Any cause / fix known?

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Paul Woelfel
Level 4
Level 4

I just experienced bad peformance with the Conference Monitor, not with the whole site. To load a conference on conference monitor it takes for about 5 minutes to load.

Regards, Paul

Justin Ferello
Level 5
Level 5


Use Chrome?


Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ


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Hi Martin,

How many systems in your TMS? Have you or had you dumped your browser cache? Is the slowness similar from other clients?



Hi Martin,

Do you have any special add-ons installed in your FF? Which plug-ins do you use in FF?

Was the CCC/System navigator quick on your MAC with FF version 15 (or earlier)?

On my computer (where it's quick), I'm using FF 16.0.2 with Java extension, but of course this is a Windows machine..

Have you also checked if this could be a convenience? Check server/network load etc. while testing?



Hi Dale / Arne!

TMS is running on a vmware, its an old installation and I am going to move it there in the near future,

then I can tell you more if this fixed the issue.

The old part is more regards to HD space and installation (win2003, local sql lite db), the ram 8gb and 4cpu

cores should be fine. Its around 180 systems on that tms.

Also heard from two other colleges which reported slowlyness with FF under Win7.

I noticed some tcp retransmissions as well, so I look into that as well. Till now no users complained about

phonebook issues, and like I said its running fine with chrome.

Never really used the CCC and even longer not from a mac, so I can not tell you how the speed was or is (never tested if the long time bug CCC on MacJava, when I tested it right now it gave me a "ClassNotFoundException - no.tandberg.tms.ccc.gui.overview.CCCApplet.class"

But that does not really bother me right now.

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