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TMS Error Wrong username/password when adding system from cucm

Mike Hagans

hi all,


is anyone else out there experiencing this error when adding video system to TMS from CUCM that have been configured via Prime or by another means through AXL ? The only fix I can see is going back to the admin password in cucm and manually entering it again then syncing TMS and CUCM to get it to work. We're using Prime Provisioning and I also have a script that does addPhone requests but this bites us everytime... Thanks. Just checking who else might be experiencing this. 

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Nick Halbert-Lillyman
Seen similar problems, not from Prime but when changes occur. Fix is as you say. That said, TMS 15.10 allows you to update the password directly in TMS so should make it alot easier.

Really? I did not know that. I will have to look into upgrading TMS. We're on TMS 15.9 now... That would at least help us some. While I have you, are you aware of how TMS and CUCM communicate? I plan to review the integration documentation but I'm trying to look into automating adding the systems to TMS once they're in CUCM but the only API documentation I can find for TMS is all related to making bookings.So, I'm led to believe systems can only be added manually to the respective TMS folder and we're adding tons of video lately. Thanks again.

I don't know the details of their communication or any automated method of adding endpoints from CUCM sorry.

how to update the password in 15.10 , same like previous version right ?


Yes - from what I've read in the release notes you update the creds under the connection tab in TMS. But, it sounded like you had to update the creds in both place, cucm and tms upon provisioning or if you ever changed it. 

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