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TMS: Impossible to add a terminal in a scheduled meeting via API

Fabrizio Nurra
Level 1
Level 1


I have a TMS sw 13.2.1 and a TPS sw 2.2(1.54).

TPS has 4 screen licenses, while TMS has 9 total System Licenses and option key for TANDBERG Booking API Integration Package (25 registered systems in TMS).

I think I could be able to schedule meetings up to 4 endpoints, right?

I want to schedule meetings via API. When I use a java call via API adding 3 endpoints to a meeting, I have no problems. But when I try to add one more endpoint I get this error:

"java.rmi.RemoteException: There are not enough resources on any MCU to host your conference. Please go back and remove some of the participants, or lower the conference bandwidth."

If I add the fourth partecipant via TMS web interface, I've no problem.

API code developers are using same java code for another TMS with sw 13.1.1, and it is working.

Maybe I'm missing some configuration in TMS or TPS, like some resource limitation.

Any suggestion?


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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It might be an issue with configuration here, yes. What happens if you schedule all the 4 endpoints at the same time (or is this what you are doing?) Since I got the impression that you are able to book 3 endpoints and not add the 4th one at a later time, however this is possible through the TMS interface.

I checked the release notes and I could not find anything particular that might have changed the behavior from 13.1.1 to 13.2.1 however we should not exlude this as a possibility.

It might also be good to open a TAC case on this in order to check it out as it might be identified as a bug as well.



If I try to schedule via API all the 4 endpoint at the same time, I get the same error.

But  if I try to schedule the four endpoints via web interface, all works fine.

At the same way, If I add the fourth endpoint via web interface, it works, but I get error when I add it via API.

Evenmore, if I schedule a meeting via API with 3 endpoints, then I remove one terminal via web interface, and then try to add it again via API, I get the message error.

Seems that via API, meetings use more resources.

Just a question for  better understand: where can I lower the conference bandwidth (and what does it means exactly), and where is setted the maximum conference bandbidth?


hello @Fabrizio Nurra,

I have the exact same problem. Did you find how to solve this issue?

Zac Colton
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Support for TMX 13.X ended in December 2017. Your best option would be to get TAC support, but unfortunately, that software version to too old.

Hi @Zac Colton sorry, I should have mentioned, the exact same problem but with TMS 15.5. Nevertheless I found out that the SOAP request was not well formatted. When corrected, this worked out fine without any TMS update.