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TMS with conductor is not integrationg

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Level 1

Hello Experts ;

                       I am getting below error while adding alias on TMS .Although alias seems to be ok . i have TMS 15.0 , CONDT X3.03 , TP 4.2

One or more aliases do not have matching conference aliases on TelePresence Conductor, or their associated service preference is not usable on TelePresence Conductor. Therefore these aliases will not be used for scheduling.

Any help would be appreciated


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

And have you matched the configuration from your conference aliases on TP conductor to those you configured in TMS??



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Yes ehen i put the alias in conductor check dialplan . it succcessfully matched with the dial-plan.

Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Can you tell us the alias you're using in Conductor, and what you're trying to configure in TMS?

Also, what settings do you have configured for Conductor within TMS, under Extended Settings?

Hello Patrick ;

              In conductor   

Incoming alias (must use regex)  :  (allhands@XXX\.com).*

In TMS ;

Alias pattern :

Regular Expression : (allhands@XXX\.com).*

Extended settings :




Default view Family


Please noted that in TMS under telepresence conductor tab

service preference: none

I just tested what you're using for the Conductor and TMS alias, and they are correct.  My TMS saved the alias and was able to recognize the service preference that the alias in Conductor is using.  Make sure that your Conductor alias is configured correct, ie: conference template, service preference, bridge pools, etc.

Thanks for your test . I have checked the alias ,etc every thing is in right place but still not working. By thw way i am using one TP server for all (adhoc,rendevous and TMS schedulling ) . 

Can you provide screenshots of how your Conductor is configured, perhaps you might something configured incorrect somehwere, or I can try and replicate your configuration best I can to see where the issue is.

Thanks for the your time and help.. just refresh the services and it works.. But one question if i use one TP for adhoc , rendevo, scheduling conference . it is ok ?

Glad it's working, didn't think to have you do a force refresh on the Conductor in TMS, although when I tested your alias I didn't do that or need to.

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I have the same problem, so what was the soloution for this in your case?



Just get it.

I forgot the Service Prefence "Pools to use for scheduling"

Now it´s working.