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Upgrade Path for Tandberg MXP 6000 / 880 / 990

Level 1
Level 1

We are currently running early versions of these products and wish to uprade to the latest F9 or as far as hardare will allow.

Does anyone know whether this is possible for:

MXP 6000 F3.0 PAL

MXP 990 F2.5

MXP 880 F2.3

Or are these products end-of-life and end-of-support

Many thanks in advance

M Bangura

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

The 880/990 systems are end of life, but not end of service

As they only have a pal camera I would also see if you can replace them with something else with hd.

Did you think of contacting your cisco partner, he shlould be able to help you best.

Regards the upgrade, I think the only one requiring a intermediate step are the ones with F2.x

You find a note in the F5 release notes:

"2.2 Important Notice

Due to a change in the flash partition size needed for F5.x software and later, a direct upgrade from systems running F2.x and earlier software cannot be upgraded directly to F5.x. To upgrade from these versions of software to F5, please upgrade to F3.x or higher prior to upgrading to F5.x."

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


As long as you have a valid support contract you can upgrade the device. you will need an upgrade key for each each individual Fx sw version.

For ex in the codec running F2.3 sw version you will need the key for F3.x as well ( each Fx sw version has it's own upgrade release key)

I strongly recommend you to upgrade the deviced as you are running 5-6 years old sw version on them and in there is a significant list of improvements since those early sw version. A complete list of all the bug fixed you can find on each individual release note that can be found at :

In case you need help with the release key part kindly ask to contact our GLO team at :



Hi Christian,

now if I understand correctly, if I want to ugrade a Tandberg MXP770 from F2.X I need to follow this path:

F2 -> F3 -> F4 -> F5 -> F6 -> F7 -> F8 -> F9

and I need a valid release key for all major versions.

Is that upgrade path only possible ?

Sure if for any other reason you need to go to a different major version you would need

a key for it

I have not tested it but I would say:

F2 > F3 > F9.x.y

should work, so you need only the F3 and F9 key.

If you have a valid service contract you can get the keys for older versions anyhow

The other point, consider about upgrading your system, A MXP770 is not really fun,

the pal cameras have really a bad quality compared with the recent precision hd 1080 cams

(as well as the 720p). Also Movi will give you a better quality with a good cam and a

proper computer.

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Just to be on the safe side I will request all major version release keys from Cisco, due to the contracts that are in place.

Thank you for your quick answer.

Sounds good.

It's a bit time consuming and I suggest to give a try and go from F3 -> F9 directly 

Please let me know in case you have issue during the upgrade procedure



Hi all,

Has anyone tried upgrading the software from F3 to F9?

I want to know if it is possible to upgrade from F4 to F9?



If  your devices are covered under contract, then you would be able to  generate the release keys from and then login using  your CISCO ID and generate the release keys from there.

However,  I would suggest you to upgrade the codec in steps like from F3.x to  F5.x and from F5.x to F7.x and from there on we can jump to F9.x.

For F4.x upgrade the codec to F7.x and then jump to F9.x.