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VCSE Starter Pack Public Internet, with public IP config

Level 1
Level 1

Before we want to update the STARTPACK to a VCSE, we want to put it on the public IP. How does it works? Just configure the Interface with a static public IP?

So we want to build up the system without DUALNIC first. I can put it on the DMZ or outside. If I configure a public IP on the VCS I don´t need the DUAL feature, right?

How can I config my network to provide the public IP to the VCS? We have a DSL PPPoE WAN connection.


Thanks a lot.

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George Thomas
Level 10
Level 10

Correct, put the public IP on the LAN interface in VCSE and connect the VCSE to the outside interface of the firewall. 

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Hello, thank you for the answer. I will test it next week. Another thing, same subject:

What about our MCU and TMS? We will use it only for our external remote workers. So I have to for the MCU & TMS a public IP Address, too?

But for security it´s better to make this all in the DMZ, so later I put VCSE, MCU and TMS in this zone.

TMS is strictly for management. Usually its not required to expose TMS to the public, unless you have a specific reason to. As far as MCU, it registers to VCSC. External users call into the MCU (you have to create search rules to direct calls to the MCU). There is a deployment method to put the MCU in DMZ but personally I havent seen a need to. All my use cases were fulfilled using search rules on VCSE <>VCSC <>MCU. Not sure what clients the remote workers will use but if they use Jabber for TP (Movi), they will register to the VCSs. 

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Thank you again for your Information.

I ask for the TMS because of access to phonebook and Smart Sheduler for remote Endpoints (Jabber and H323, SIP systems) I want to know is it possible to access the Website of TMS over WAN.

For the MCU I want to connect User they don´t register to my VCS. So with a public IP they can dial in directly to it?

For TMS with a public IP external users can access the smart sheduler?


Thank you

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