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Amine Majdi

Calls from MCU to CUCM through Conductor


Hi Expert, 


I have a MCU 4505, CUCM 10.5, Conductor  XC2.3, and Jabber and SX20 as endpoints, All work find when Jabber Call a MCU the call , but when MCU call Jabber or SX20, call fail and I can see log in Conductor. 

The conductor, don't route call to CUCM 

s that the support conductor routing a call from MCU to the CUCM, if this is not the case, is there a solution ?

you can see in attach the call history log 

Thank you so much for your support 





George Thomas

Do you have your Clusterwide FQDN set in CUCM (under service parameters)? Also, does 111 exist in CUCM?

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Hi Thomas, 

Thank you for your post, to answer : 

Non I don't have a FQDN for CUCM, i user IP address

Yes 111 exist in CUCM 


Ok, you will have to set a Clusterwide FQDN in the service parameters and set it to the domain that conductor is using to route calls (xxxx(since u blanked this).net). Also, you should have a SIP trunk to conductor, make sure the Incoming CSS is set and the partition assigned to 111 is present in the CSS.

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Thank you Thomas, 

Can you please tell me in which service can I find this parameters, and it exacly name on CUCM 10.5?

I understand from you answer. The calls from MCU to endpoint pass directly via CUCM without Conductor ?  it's right ? 

if not, I don't configure any thing into the Conductor to route call and I don't know how can I do this. 

Except configuration from SIP trunk between Conductor and CUCM and configuration of pattern much. I don't configure  anything else. 

I don't use a CSS and partition, 

Thank you Thomas. 


I am sorry, its under Enterprise Parameter. In CUCM, System -> Enterprise Parameter and if you search for Cluster Fully Qualified Domain Name, you should be able to see the entry.


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Thank you Thomas, 

have you any document where is explain the process of configuration ? 

the calls from MCU to CUCM are directly signalization or pass through Conductor ? 



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