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LDAP Filters in TMS

I am currently running an instance of TMS 12.6 and attempting to pull in Active Directory user info, specifically the ipPhone field.  We have phonebooks separated into folders, ABC, DEF, GHI etc going by last name.  I created the AD Phone Book Source in TMS, and set the Custom LDAP filter to only pull in users with a last name starting with A,B or C and an IP Phone, (&(|(sn=A*)(sn=B*)(sn=C*))(ipPhone=*)) but when I navigate to the View Contacts Tab and search for any last name out of that scope like "Tanner", the contact appears.  Is there something wrong with my search filter?


LDAP Filters in TMS

have you looked your phonebooks entry on TMS? are they correctly download from LDAP/AD? what entries do you have there?

LDAP Filters in TMS

So if I create a filter specifically for my surname, I am the only  contact to show in the tms phone book source initially. If I do a search  in tms on the view contacts tab, it will pull up any user in AD.  Same thing on an endpoint, EX90 in this case.  I have the external AD Phonebook source set up to only filter my specific account, but if I do a search for any other user, they appear.


Re: LDAP Filters in TMS

I think you are talking about who can access what rather than what can be download from AD.

Please check out page 31 onwards of this document

Re: LDAP Filters in TMS

Thanks for the info, however it specifically pertains to TMS Provisioning.  In my case this is an AD Phone Book Source.  I played around with it some more, it appears to just be how TMS operates.  If you create the AD PB Source and apply an LDAP filter, it will in fact display only the filtered contact/users when one "Views Contacts" from within the Phone Book Source, the actual Phone Book Page or the endpoint.  Once you search for a contact from within the "View Contacts" tab of the PB Source configuration page, the entries which are returned bypass any LDAP filter applied to the source.  If the PB Source is set to "Search Only" rather than "Import to TMS" from within the PB Management Page, all contacts matching the search will be displayed no matter the LDAP filter.

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