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Multiway from C-series endpoint registered on CUCM v9?

                   According to the available Cisco documentation Multiway is supported on endpoints that are registered on CUCM.

So I've configured Multipoint on my VCS. I've configured on the endpoint the Multiway alias and adjusted:

xconfiguration conference multipoint mode: multiway

But when trying this from the endpoint is does not work. I make a initial call to a video enbaled IP-phone on CUCM, then put this on hold and make a new call to a SIP endpoint registered on the VCS. But the calls do not join in a multiway call.

So I begin to fear this feature will only work when initiated from endpoints registered on the VCS.

Is this correct?

Then for ad hoc video conferences initiated from CUCM registered endpoints you need an dedicated MCU that is registered to the CUCM as conference resource?

rgds, Geert.


referenced doc:

Cisco TelePresenceCisco Unified Communications Manager with Cisco VCS (SIP Trunk) - Dec'13

Cisco TelePresenceMultiway™ Dec'13

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

Hi.  I know his is 3 days old, and maybe you have it working already, but I'll ask anyways

Does multiway work with endpiont registered on VCS?  And is only failing in adding participant from CUCM?




If you look carefully into the available doc that I mention in my initial thread, you'll see the endpoints registered on CUCM can participate in a Multiway conference but the initiation of the Multiway session needs to be done from an endpoint registered on the VCS Control.

rgds, Geert.

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

I'll have to confirm this, but from my understanding, endpoints registered on CUCM can't initiate Multiway Conference on VCS.  Ad hoc resource/Conference bridge resource on CUCM would be required to do this if you wanted to on CUCM.  Multiway initiated from endpoints registered on VCS attempting to join in CUCM endpoint is supported and does work. 

I'll confirm whether or not CUCM endpoint can initiated this.  I don't believe so, and doubt it since in IP phone, you cant program the multiway alias to do so anyways (at least not from what I've seen), and on TC endpoints, this option, I don't believe is available.  Only use Multisite or CUCM Media Resource Group List which would be the Conference Bridge resource added in CUCM. 



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