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David Anstee

Question regarding dual monitor Profile 52"

Our team have recently installed a Cisco Dual profile 52" and noticed that when powering down and back on the 2nd monitor (connected via DVI-HDMI) stays in standby mode. The only way to get it on is to unplug and replug the HDMI cable.

It appears to work fine coming out of standby mode, but upon loss of power the monitor doesnt come out of standby?

We have noticed that there is an unused COM cable included with the Profile, but no documentation or mention of where this goes? Is this a cause of the dual monitor not coming out of standby?

Haydn von Imhof

Hi David

The second Monitor does need the com cable installed.

Below you will find a Doncument called "TANDBERG Profile 52 Dual Installation Sheet" this document shows cabling and systems installation. Profile 52 Dual Installation Sheet.pdf

Is this definately the case for a C60 Codec? I know it was for the MXP codecs but I dont recall seeing a COM cable go into Monitor 1 on the C60 profile installed, as per the diagram in the Installation Sheet - I will double check...


This is the install sheet we have for the C-series codec on the Dual Profile:

It does not mention the COM cable anywhere? Looks like it uses HDMI only? But we are having the problem with the second monitor as it uses DVI-HDMI ?

Any ideas anyone?

I am still not clear on this, and we are experiencing issues with the 2nd Monitor not switching on when doing a hard power off/on. It wakes up the monitors fine from standby, but from a fresh boot the 2nd Monitor does not come on.

Can anyone advise?

Hi David,

My name is Mubashshir and I am from the Telepresence Support Team. Can you please let me know what is the software version on the C60 codec.

I remember we had some HDMI blackout issues in the TC 4 softwares where the screen remained black and required to unplug and replug the cable. Looking at your scenario, I think its the same issue. Can you confirm with the software version on your codec?


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hi Mubashshir,

Thanks for the response, however these systems are on TC5.1.0 - we have 3 of them installed, all 3 came supplied with the COM cable that appears to have no use, and all 3 are experiencing the 2nd screen issue.



Actually just double checked the three are;




I will confirm that all 3 experience the same issue.

To review your set-up, do you have a COM cable running from COM2 on the left monitor to COM 1 on the right monitor?

Hi David,

We have exactly what is described in this document:

There is a COM1 and both Left and Right monitors, but no COM2, and the instructions do not mention any such cable between the two monitors.



OK I see and understand your question now.  The original message was for Dual 52", you have the Dual 55".  There is an update document that was released today (D1489504 with the Release Notes, I have not read it yet here is the link: Don't know yet if it applies to this thread, but for review:


Good Morning,

i've got the same problem. You could fix this problem, if you set the active Video Outputs to Automatic Resolution.


Sorry yes Dual 55" not 52" my mistake.

I'll try the settings that rasimyigit suggested, see if that helps.



You welcome

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John Regan


This sounds like CSCtu09288 and this should be resolved in TC4.2.2+ and I am not 100% sure what version of TC5 has this fix but I would say TC5.1.1 should have this fix as well.

It seems the monitor roles which should be first and seconds both get set to first after a boot.  Please upgrade and let us know if this is resolved.

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