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I am not aware, if you do not

I am not aware, if you do not get a better answer here, maybe you could ask your Cisco Partner / Contact or Cisco TAC and let us know what the result was.

Not sure about the handing of CEC anyhow, there is a option for the CEC and that at least is currently not supported if I look into the SX10 TC7.1 admin guide:


Video Output Connector [1] CEC Mode

Not supported in this version.

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On Oct 8th Cisco provide the

On Oct 8th Cisco provide the TC 7.2.1 Version with CEC support for SX10.

I just uploaded the version and it's working! TV switch on and off with the SX10 and even changes the input source to the SX10. Tested device was a Toshiba 42XV635D.


New features and functionality in TC7.2.1

  • !  TC7.2.1 is mainly a bug fix release, please see the resolved caveats section for more information

  • !  This release includes a fix for CSCur02591 - Telepresence endpoint evaluation for CVE-2014-

    6271 and CVE-2014-7169 also known as the "Shellshock" bug.

  • !  CEC support for SX10 

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ChristianThanks for the


Thanks for the update, I have always felt that it should have worked from the initial release that supported the SX10...

I'm interested in how the imput change works...

Are you saying that...

- SX10 is on the HDMI 1 input on the LCD display

- Another HDMI source (e.g. DVD player) is on HDMI 2

- If the LCD is on HDMI 2 and the SX10 receives and inbound call... it will use CEC to switch the TV input to HDMI 1?


That is pretty neat... we have that "Wrong input" issue a lot and we try to discourage user from using more than 1 input





I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with the SX10 with firmware 7.3.1 and a Toshiba TV.
Little 35$ chromecast is able to to turn on the tv and select the input by CEC.

this is the latest firmware available so there is not any way to make it work.

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