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Vigeesh Mohandas

TMS Conference Booking Error: system not available for booking at the requested time

Hi All,

After upgrading TMS TO 14.6.2 from 14.3.1 we are getting this error"system not available for booking at the requested time " not all the time but some times while booking conference.

In outlook we are getting conference confirmation but in TMS we are getting this error

so do you thing this is causing because of not having  proper sync between TMS -TMSXE -and exchange



Java 7 update 33


looking for your valuable inputs

Regards Vigeesh


Have you checked in TMS on the dates listed, if the systems noted in the error are available, possibly there is some sort of overlap, even just a little.


No,system is available.

This happens not all the time.




Hi, I am having the same issue with TMS 15.2 and TMSXE 5.2

The resources are free in outlook/exchange and the TMS, but I get a rejection as th resource is not avialable at the required time.



If you are truly on TMS 15.2, I *strongly* recommend that you upgrade. 15,2 was pulled a day or two after release due to a major defect that effects bookings via the TMS Booking API and system availability.

I can top this. When I get the error the Participant that it errors out on isn't even in the conference. From the example below you can see that CNEC904VE isn't even in the conference. So how does it error out on an Participant that isn't even in the conference? We just upgraded our TMS to   Version: 15.2.1. However I've seen the error in previous versions as well.

My Error:

System not available for booking at the requested time (Nov 28 2016): CNEC904VE

My Participants:

Name Actions
Cisco WebEx Meeting
CTC Details
TCSH Details
RKEA133VE Details
RKEA133 - Recording Details

We seem to have fixed this issue. At least it has gone away for the last 2 months. What we did was to upgrade SQL from Express to the full fledged version. We also moved the SQL database to it's own server. We had a database around 9G and Express only holds a 10G database. We just missed a database crash by 1G. We are currently running 15.4.0.

I'm glad you have not seen your issue for a while, but the moving of the tmsng database would have no bearing on the message you were seeing about systems not being available for booking.

Even when the system that is not even included in the conference? Our issue would throw out an error about a system not being available that wasn't even scheduled in the reoccurring conference.

The location of the database is irrelevant. Troubleshooting through debug log review would provide better insight as to what was going on.

Cisco couldn't find any issue in the multiple debug logs we sent them.

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