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Video Conferencing

We have an Video Conferencing endpoint which is at one of our data centers and you have to be connected to a Data Center VPN to even connect to the VC endpoint.

I tried Sharing content on a conference call from the particular VC endpoint located at data center and when I hit the share Button from the other VC endpoint which is at destination and also not on DC VPN the button just spins with no connect.
When tried sharing from the VC endpoint located at Data Center , we had the presentation on the monitor, but when we selected share, nothing happened on their side - no black screen or anything else.

Connecting to a Data Center VPN allows me to connect to the GUI and if I call using Cisco Jabber while connected to the VPN, the presentation works fine.


What will be the best troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue??


Thanks in Advance,

Jagan Dandu.

Dan Lukes

Disclose what equipment we are speaking of (both VC and call manager), please. Just "VC" and "CUCM" is so vague description.

Source VC endpoint is SX80 model and which is provisioned in our DC location.

Destination VC endunit is a DX80.


Both the units are registered to CUCM 11.5 but different clusters. 

Voice Systems community is dedicated to discussions related to Small Business kind of product, while SX80/DX80 are enterprise class. I moved your question to more appropriate community - your chances someone will respond are higher here.


Take a look at this site - it's a good summary of what firewall ports (something is blocking the content channel) you need opened between the endpoints:


I'm assuming you're running CE on the DX, if so it should be the same as the SX's in this article. 


good luck!

If he's connecting sessions "via vpn," opening ports in the firewall shouldn't be required.


The issue "appears" to lean more towards configuration at first glance.


Where exactly was this conversation moved to again?




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