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Call Handler Message has 90 sec dead air before message

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Level 1

Unity 10.5

Like the title says I have a call handler and it has a recorded message for the auto attendant.  However, recently it has started to play 90 secs of dead air before actually playing the message.  I believe that it maybe playing a blank 90 sec message from somewhere but not sure.  How can I fix this?

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If this is a recent issue (and was working fine before), I'd of course ask 'what has changed recently' but I suspect you've already gone down that road in your head. A gap of 90 seconds is forever. 

You'll want to trace the call and determine how it is flowing.

First, use the CUCM DNA to confirm that the 'right' number is rolling to voicemail.

Then I'd use the RTMT (logged into CUC) and look at the Port Monitor to view the information that CUCM is sending to CUC about the call. Is the number the one you think it is? Is it rolling as a Direct or Forwarded Call?

Then I'd look at the Call Routing Rules to determine which one the call is matching, and where does that go?

For the Call Handler where the call is "supposed to go", is the Alternate Greeting on that Call Handler active but without a greeting?

Give those a check and let us know what you find. 


Level 1
Level 1

Thank you.  I will try and see if these help.