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Call manager & Skype for business (365)

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Hey everyone,

I have been through the forums and google searched with no definitive answers... we're looking to deploy Office 365 and would like S4B to integrate with Call Manager 10.5.2

initially we are only after presence updates, however click to call, and similar in the future would be the end goal.

I have recently seen an announcement from MS regarding Skype For business Cloud Connector Edition, however we would like to avoid deploying extra infrastructure if possible.  It has also been suggested to look at CUCI-Lync however everything I've found for this seems to point to on prem Lync/Skype servers.  Some clarity around this would be ideal.  If we can do this natively without 3rd party software would be best but appreciate some extra config & infrastructure/software may be required.


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You can use CUCI with Office 365 since it's a client side integration and not server side.

Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Lync 10.6.x Release Notes - Release Notes [Cisco UC Integration(TM) for Microsoft Ly…

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I am looking for the same information.  I have a client moving to Skype for business and needs integration into Callmanager 9.1.2 and Attendant Console Adv 11.0.  Microsoft has been no help - they say talk to Cisco.  Cisco wants you to use IM&P - so here we are - customer - stuck in the middle.  CUCI Moc is not the solution - that would require installing it on every user and making them run two clients.  Anyone with experience with this - please share.  Thanks.


  There is no solution here other than this. Either you do all Cisco or all MSFT if you truly want a one client unified solution. The closet you get to that is with CUCI LYNC(CUCI MOC is really old) but back in the day Cisco could insert themselves as a shim in the client. MSFT changed API, Cisco can't do it anymore so in essence it's like seeing Jabber running alongside Lync but you right click to call, drag and drop and with the latest release also support 64 bit mode of Office and Skype (soon to be released). So it gets you there but of course the solution drops flat on the mobile front since there is no CUCI LYNC for mobile. So you end up with Jabber in phone mode on mobile side. Hence back to my first point, if you want a converged solution pick a horse.

Finally if this wasn't office 365 there is a connector from Bridge OC that can provide phone status to Lync with Cisco which many folks need. It however does not work with Office 365 hence I didn't mention it

We did pick a horse - Cisco.  That is the solution they have had for years now.  Problem - Jabber is a terrible solution.  How Cisco went from CUPS which had many more features to Jabber - still don't understand.  But seriously - the driving force for this customer is to get off Jabber.  The biggest piece I need to work for them is Cisco Attendant Console Adv 11.0.  I need that to be able to read Skype/Lync presence and custom status messages.  Then on flip side - I need Skype/Lync to see status of Cisco phones.  Sounds like I'm in trouble here - there are two business units - voice and data - data is driving the MS side so that leaves me - Voice - to make everything work.  Thank you for your insight.


Can you elaborate on what features you find missing? I would like to get some feedback since I often compare and contract clients from Cisco/MSFT and would like to see if you have any points I can provide my input on. I use Jabber every day and it has worked well. Sure there are deficiencies in all clients so I would be very keen on hearing your feedback.

I am not a specialist on Cisco console's but maybe check if Vistapoint can help. I don't work for them but have used them on many deployments. I have also asked them to comment on this post specific to Skype presence in their console.

Hi Kevin,

Have you looked at Bridge Communications LICC solution?

I have deployed quite a few of the Bridge Solutions.  Keep in mind the need for greater CTI configurations than defaults.

I looked at this and contacted the company but they said their solution only works if Skype solution is onsite.

Do you know of a solution using remediation server with Cloud setup?


I haven't heard of one Kevin.

I believe Microsoft will be releasing some updates for our devs to get similar access to O365 tenants like UCMA in On Prem. If/When that happens it'll be a good day. Perhaps next week with Microsoft WPC.

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Vistapoint?  Not familiar with them.

Biggest issue with Jabber - the inability to set a custom status and logoff.  This is something CUPS allowed and Jabber has had on the roadmap for like 3 years.  Screen sharing - not as easy for end users as Lync.  Same goes for file sharing.

The web site is this There are vendors like bridge OC, Akkadian along side Cisco which is in fact OEM from Arc.

I am not following the custom status issue. I am able to see it just fine for each of my status of Available/Away/DND. Not sure on what you mean by Log off can you elaborate?

Jabber does support both WebEx and IM Only desktop share (No WebEx needed) with up to 10 folks and file sharing both P2P and Managed file transfer on Group chat and Persistent chat (which of course needs additional components.

On ease of use of course it could vary based on the user maybe some more details there on if it's more clicks or something else.

Set a Custom Offline Status message - then logoff.  Example:  I'm on vacation this week.  So while you are not logged into jabber people still see your custom message.

Screen share with Jabber - you cannot just click on screen sharing while in IM only - for Jabber you have to launch a call in order to share a screen.  Same goes for file sharing.


On the custom message and then logoff and still show it is a valid point. However you are incorrect on file sharing and screen sharing. Jabber since 10.X has supported IM only desktop share that does NOT need a call to be estalished(aka BFCP based sharing). That's why I mentioned above IM only desktop share. In Jabber 11 it was enhanced to support up to 10 clients on the share. You can also do remote control (you cannot annotate today)

There are some caveats over expressway but VPN or inside the network it works just fine

Also client version of 11 or 10 doesn't imply server has to be the same version. It is backwards compatible with CUCM 9  as an example

Cisco Jabber for Windows 10.5 Release Notes - Introduction [Cisco Jabber for Windows] - Cisco

Look at the section IM only screen share. There is also admin guides on it

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Has there been any new updates on this integration? We are deploying Office 365 in the cloud and I need it to integration with CUCM 11.5 and I would prefer to use only the SfB client both on the desktop side and on the iPhone side.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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