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Calls not transfered to Mobile(Mobility) Issue

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I am facing issue in calls transferring to mobile(Mobility). My deskphone has been enabled with Mobility options. usually Calls to my deskphone will be transffered to my mobile after 2 rings. some users reporting that they called my extension its connecting to voice mail(after 4 rings). technically it should transfer to my mobile ,but the calls are not transfered to my mobile. here is my findings/tests. Seeking experts advise.

1. calls are not transfered when the caller(source) trying to reach my extension(dest) immediatelly after the first call. eg: 1001 (src) & 1002(dst)

1001 calling 1002 and disconnect the call; and then start trying 1002 immediately //call forward fails int this scenario, if the caller gives some time before calling the destination #(1002) again, then call forwards working.

i tried changing the "Forward No answer" timers also but it didn't help to solve this issue.

Remote destination profiles timers are left as default:

Answer Too Soon Timer  :1500

Answer Too Late Timer  :19000

Delay Before Ringing Timer :4000

Please help to solve this.

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Bradley Gruesbeck
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Thanks for the question.

I would first check on the remote destination pattern settings. Is the correct redirecting CSS configured? Is the line associated to the remote destination profile? I would also verify that the mobile number is formatted correctly where it matches an external pattern.

Do you have a mobility soft key linked to the ip phone? You can test the same type of call by using the soft key to ring the mobile number. You may need to open a tac case to read CUCM traces.

Good luck

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Hi Bradly,

as you said, i have checked the Mobility softkey, re-routing CSS,line associated to remote destination number, everything is configured , infact the calls are properly routed to Mobile. the Only problem is when a calls initiated immediately to the same destination(Extn# with Mobility enabled) the second call failed to transfer to mobile. if you give some time before initiating the call then its transfered to Mobile.

the behavior like this.

     1. called to dest#1002   --> call transfered to mobile

     2. disconnected and tried calling the same dest#1002 immediately --> failed to transfer

     3. waited for some time (about 20 sec) and then tried calling the dest#1002 --> call transfered to mobile