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Change Line DN from 4 Digit to 5 Digit

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Hello...  i need to update line on telephone to convert from 4 XXXX Digit to be 5 XXXXX Digit it will be the same 4 Digit number except i will start with number (8)  i try to do that by Bulk but i'm not found how can change the DN number on the telephone ,  even i try Update Line it Update it give me the line configuration update like Voicemail,CSS,ForwardBusy......etc but i'm not find to change line it self like change from 7230 to be 87230.

So any help on that Issue

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Jonathan Schulenberg
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Hall of Fame

If you do it through BAT you would have to delete the DN entirely and re-add it. The problem is that the DN used to be the unique identifier. At some point they added a primary key GUID field to to the record but most of the product UI hasn't stopped treating the DN pattern as the unique record identifier. The only way to do this in bulk is through an AXL script since you can control the DB record directly. Several partners have written scripts to do this but none are giving it away for free to my knowledge.

In most browsers there is a way to do this one at a time by playing a trick with Javascript. On the DN Configuration page, make the modification to the DN and click the save button *without clicking/touching anything else*. If you click/tab away from the DN field Javascript will reload the page. If you click directly on Save the change will be made to the existing DB record. If you have more than a few records this isn't really viable though.

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Gordon Ross
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Level 9

WARNING 1: Make sure you have a good backup of you CUCM Cluster. (And you know how to restore it !)

WARNING 2: Make sure you test this in a lab before letting it anywhere near your live system.

WARNING 3: Don't blame me if you break you CUCM system. This is low level stuff !

Now, I've covered my rear....

You can do this from the CUCM console:

run sql UPDATE numplan SET dnorpattern = concat('8', dnorpattern)

This will update EVERY directory number in your CUCM DB and prepend an "8" to it. You can use a standard SQL WHERE clause to narrow this down if you want to.

Note that this will not touch any divert settings. Hunt Groups should be fine, though.

Divert settings are a bit more complicated. You need to update the

cfnadestination, cfnaintdestination, cfbdestination, cfbintdestination, cfurdestination, cfurintdestination fields on the numplan table. As a pointer in the right direction you'd want something like (This is untested):

run sql UPDATE numplan SET cfnadestination = concat('8', cfnadestination) WHERE  len(cfnadestination)=4

The WHERE clause is there to try to stop you updating numbers that aren't extension numbers.

The divert all settings are stored in another table and make life that little bit more fun...

If you have UCC(X), Unity, etc. I have *NO* idea how this will interact with them (I don't use them)


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Level 1

Good Day,

thanks Jonathan for your support i will check that solution..