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Cisco 9971 IP phone / video camera flicker

Hi guys,

We recently deployed a couple of 9971 phones with video cameras. We are experiencing heavy flickering in the video. The client was really disappointed with this and asked us to find a fix. We are located in Europe and the client has florescent lighting in his office space.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Level 1
Level 1

We have the same problem here with a couple of dozen of 9951/9971 we'd got recently. I guess it could be 50/60 Hz thing. At least, there was such a setting in VT Advantage, which helped to take away flickering.

Also, as an option, I would like to be able to hide local screen, which disturbs during conferences. Is it possible?


Any Good Samaritan from Cisco can bring some light on this issue? We have a really unhappy client!

Thanks a lot,


Level 7
Level 7

I discussed your problem with a member of the Cisco solutions team, and he suggested you consult with Cisco technical support to resolve this issue.

This community does not provide technical support and is not staffed with technical support experts.  I recommend you post this and future technical support questions to the Cisco Support Community ( where our Cisco technical support experts provide debugging assistance.   Another option is to open a ticket with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center ( to get expert debugging assistance.

We do encourage you to participate in this community!  We encourage your discussion/sharing around collaboration topics and Cisco Collaboration Solutions, including business and IT requirements, industry trends, process, culture/organization issues, how collaboration can be used to transform businesses, vendor selection, adoption, training, architecture, licensing, and product features/functionality.

We look forward to seeing your next post on the Collaboration Community.

Kelli Glass, Collaboration Community and User Group Moderator