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cisco im and presence message archiver Problem


i installed CUCM 12.5 And IM & Presence 12.5 and integrated them, i add external database (MS SQL) and i configured Message archiver  Feature, when 2 online users chat together with cisco jabber 12.8 ,messages stored in database i defined, but i have some problems:
1. when online user send message to offline user, online user receive  this message : "Your message could not be delivered. Instant Messaging Server is unavailable." and offline user after login don't receive that mesage.
2. when user connect from another device (exp. phone) cant see history chat of other device(Desktop)
finally my main goal is that users have same chat history from all their devices, and their chat are not saved locally
and i cant find out what is functionality of message archiver?

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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is no feature to do what you're asking in IM&P.

Message archiver is ONE WAY only, from the IM&P server to the DB, that's it. Messages are not retrieved from the DB by IM&P or Jabber.


If you only integrated a DB for compliance, then the sole function of it is to store messages that can be reviewed at a later date by pulling data directly from the DB.

If you install a compliance server, you can get other features like ethical walls, reporting, ability to filter/change/block specific words, etc.



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how can i have chat history on the server(Not locally)??

i want to have same chat history on all user devices.any suggestion?

You are already saving your chat history, but you need a DB as you configured, or a compliance server. IM&P itself is not going to do that without an external storage.

As I already told you, that is NOT a feature of IM&P, the only possible way in which you could do that, is to enable persistent chat rooms, and then instead of having a regular 1:1 conversation, create a persistent chat room for every conversation you want to have.




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