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Cisco Unity Express - No Audio on Every 4th Message


Hi everyone! New to the site and pretty new to Cisco phone systems. I am supporting a Cisco Unity Express Ver. 3.1 system that has an odd problem and I cannot find the same problem anywhere so thought I would ask here. On every 4th call when you leave a message there is no audio. There is just dead air and the duration of silence is as long as you talked in the message. This happens with all calls internal and external. We have 12 ports and it is not port specific. For example port 602 is fine 3 out of 4 calls, but port 610 may be bad 2 out of 4 calls. The only pattern is every 4th call the message left is dead air when playing back from the phone and the email attachment. Any chance there is some magical checkbox out there that I need to check!?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Update CUE software and check again.

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