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Cisco Webex Connect Jabber 7.2.2 History Missing

Joe Bruns
Level 1
Level 1

Running Cisco Webex Connect 7.2.2 on W7 x64.

Anyone run into chat history missing or only showing 1 day of chat when you know that you shoud have weeks and weeks with certain persons?  Default is 9999 days.  Had someone ask me to start CWC as administrator and set to some other value, like 9998 days.  Worked for a while and resurfaced.  Other peers having same issue, so I know it is not specific to my machine.  Even got new machine recently with same OS and CWC and problem has surfaced on this new machine too.

I saw that the chat is stored in a db3 file.  I do find a couple of those on my machine but not sure if the client is buggy or the file truely is missing the chats.  Would need a dBase III browser to find out more.

Is there a more current release of CWC 7.2.2 that might have bug fixes in it that relate to chat history being toast?

Would love to hear from others in here including Cisco support.

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Level 1
Level 1

Our organisation has just started experiancing this same issue.  Anyone know where the history file is stored so that we can attempt to manually reconnect users that are missing their history?

Are they stored locally or on a Cisco server somewhere?

Apparently Cisco support never looks in here.  Not a single comment since it was opened.  Very disappointing.


I normally do not monitor this side of the community, but I am active contributor of the Unified Computing Forum, but somehow I happen to come accross your post, so I wanted to take a minute and ask you if you have tried to open a case directly with the team that support Webex?   <<< Look for "Sign in to contact support." on the right

I hope that helps.