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Conference Now Question

Level 4
Level 4

all, I thought I had a pretty good idea of how this all flowed together until i tried to monitor in RTMT. 

Using a software conference bridge, i can see the following

The maximum number of callers for this type equals 256. With a setting of 256, the software conference bridge can support 64 conference sessions of 4 parties each. The maximum number of caller parties in a conference session is specified via the Maximum Ad Hoc Conference and Maximum MeetMe Conference Unicast service parameters. It seems like this link confirms my thoughts, but i now doubt all things i thought to be true.

With a default of 48 participants and a max of 256, the number of conferences I can hold should be 256 (max of software conf bridge)/48 participants to give 5.3 max conferences rounded down to 5. With this inverse relationship, it seems that to increase max conferences we simply decrease max participants, so i dropped this to 16 and 256/16=16 max conferences. However, when i opened rtmt and starting monitoring CFBStreamsAvailable, i see approximately 32 available, which i suppose makes sense since this is calculated as 2xvalue(16)=32. So now the question is, if the streamsavailable decrements by 1 for each caller (assuming these are unicast streams?) i would be limited to 32 unicast participants, right? 

To be honest, i never second guessed myself until i started watching streams available. of course another question comes up because on another node, call count is set to the default of 48, 2*48 should give me 96 streams, but with 1 conf call active with 4 participants, i see around 101 streams available!?


Anyway, hoping someone can chime in and explain this weird count and maybe address any misconceptions I have in what i typed. 


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