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CUCM and CUC - sync passwords

Daniel Gray

I am currently using LDAP sync and authentication with CUCM and all the users in Unity Connection have been imported from Communications Manager. The problem with this setup is that the voicemail and CUCM passwords are managed seperately and could be different. 

What is the best method for having these passwords be the same/sync'd? 

Will I have to enable LDAP authentication on Unity Connection as well?

How will this affect the users that are currently imported from CUCM?

Are there any other issues to consider?

While trying to find a soution to this issue I found some documentation on Single Sign On.  I didn't get a good understanding on SSO.

What exactly is SSO?

When should it be used?

Could it be used in the above senario?


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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Are you asking about password or PIN? Even with AD integration only password is synched, think web access to ccmuser and ciscpca, the PIN stays independent on each app.

With that said I always integrade UCXN with AD just like CUCM.



I am asking about password only.  From my understanding the PINs cannot be sync'd between systems.  If you know otherwise please let me know.

So if CUCM is intergrated with AD would you recommend always intergrating Unity Connection with AD as well?  Is there any downside to doing this instead of importing users via CUCM?


Yes, I recommend LDAP integration on both CUCM and UCXN. There is no downside to this as far as I know, but a big benefit.



I have now set up LDAP integration with Unity Connection.  For importing new voicemail boxes it works great.  However, all of the existing mailboxes were imported via CUCM AXL and are still sync'd this way.  Is there a way to convert the AXL users to LDAP users?


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