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CUCM caller ID is masked with: "executeCallerIdOverride"

Maren Mahoney
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

I have a situation where all calls going out a specific SIP trunk are having all caller ID masked as 703XXXXXXXXXX. (Not happening on other trunks.)

  • It is not an External Phone Number Mask.
  • It is not a translation pattern, or a field on the Route Pattern
  • It is not a calling party transformation pattern.
  • It is not a Normalization Script on the Trunk or on the SIP Profile
  • It is not a "Caller ID DN" on the SIP Trunk. (In v12.5 the field is "Presentation Number")
  • The Remote-Party-ID and Asserted-Identity fields on the SIP Trunk are at their default.
  • None of the related fields are set at the Device Pool.
  • There is no listing in the Route Plan Report with the 703XXXXXXXXXX
  • The Dialed Number Analyzer shows the change in the caller ID, but not why the caller ID is being masked.

I can't figure out where this is coming from.

The trace file shows the call coming through the normal process of Incoming Call - Route Pattern - Route List - Route Group - SIP Trunk with all of the normal processing I would expect in a call. BUT... right before CUCM signals out via SIP to the CUBE there is this line in the trace file:

24793498.009 |10:24:58.691 |AppInfo |SIPCdpc(1943062) - executeCallerIdOverride: orgcallingNumber=3141234567; config callerId=703XXXXXXX; deliverPAI=false

I can find no reference for "executeCallerIdOverride" in a documentation or Internet search....and am absolutely stumped as to what is causing caller ID to be masked. Does anyone have any ideas?


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