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CUCM/IM&P and UCXN Migrations



I am interested in others strategy in migrations from CUCM/CUPS 8.x to 10.x, and UCXN 8 to 10.x. (P2V for all)

I am thinking of using PCD to migrate the CUCM/IM&P and change hostname/IP Addresses for a staged migration to bring them up in parallel prior to cutover. Has any one else done this, and considered how existing Jabber/CUPC users are affected? E.g If I want to migrate users in stages, how do I perform the necessary DNS changes so that only subsets of users are affected at a time? (Eg. Site by Site)


For UCXN, seeing as PCD is not yet supported, I was thinking of building a new UCXN cluster from fresh (instead of the usual DRS backup & restore) and then using COBRAS to migrate the data on the cutover day. If I do DRS method, I need to build up the lab with the different IP Addressing so it seems much cleaner building from scratch...Has any one else also gone down this path?


Basically I need to have as minimal impact to the users as possible. Any one else's thoughts or strategies would be much appreciated!



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Jeff Bankston

How many users are you talking about? I've migrated a tons of these before PCD came about, and smoothened out my own process to the point I'm not using PCD on my radar. I have several coworkers whom have tried using PCD, and had mixed results bordering on some of them losing their mind trying to get PCD to work.



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