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CUCM on ISR E-Series


Does anyone know if it possible to run CUCM on a ISR E-Series server?  I would make for low cost subscriber at a remote site?                  

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It's possible using the UCS Express service module; however, it remains an unsupported configuration. This has been a topic of debate for years but the BU has yet to support this in a GA fashion. For now it's CME-only on ISR hardware.

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I think you missed my point or didn't understand the question. I know you can do CME on a router. What I was wondering is if anyone knows if its possible or on the road map to allow CUCM to be run on the E-series server blades. It is a 4cpu 8GB memory server module. So for instance if you did a BE 6K deployment with one UCS server could you in turn run a subscriber on that E-series blade. It would make for a very cost effective DR solution. You could put one ISR with that E-Series in a colo with PRI WIC or with CUBE and you have a fully functioning CUCM DR solution for about 10K. That's a very strong leg up on the competition.  It could be at a branch office. It would be basically BE3K on steroids.

Possible? Sure. Most of the hardware validation has been disabled now that VMware is sanctioned.

Supported? No.

Roadmap? We cannot answer roadmap questions on the public forums. You should speak to your Cisco AM who may have additional information to share under an NDA.

As a footnote: keep in mind the bandwidth requirements between cluster nodes. Even if it was supported very few branch offices have that kind of bandwidth laying around.

Barry Oliver

I believe the answer is still no!  It would be a nice solution for small branches though,

The following are NOT supported:

  • Cisco or 3rd-party server models that do not satisfy the rules of this policy.
  • Cisco 7800 Series Media Convergence Servers (MCS 7800) regardless of CPU model
  • Cisco UCS Express (SRE-V 9xx on ISR router hardware)
  • Cisco UCS E-Series Blade Servers (E14x/16x on ISR router hardware) with CPUs that do not meet Processor policy requirements.
  • For additional considerations, please see TAC TechNote 115955.


The answer is now Yes.

What are the limitations based on the OVA and number of users ?

Simply compare the specs of the module with the requirements of OVA 1000 users ?


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