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CUEAC not ringing phone

Level 1
Level 1

I've got a receptionist who's using the Attendant Console software and that's working (ringing) when calls come in to our main number.  However, its not ringing her desk phone simultaneously and its the line on her desk phone that eventually sends that call to voicemail if not picked up.  Hence, users aren't getting shipped off to voicemail.

I've heard this system can be buggy and simply restarting a service in CUCM can clear this up.  I can't remember what that service was.  The "CTImanager" maybe?  Anyone know this?

Any other ideas/thoughts would be appreciated.

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George Thomas
Level 10
Level 10

I believe its working as designed. If the call appears in the queue, you have to click the call in the queue and it will start ringing the receptionists phone and then u can pick up. I believe there is a parameter you can change for the call to ring to the phone. 

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