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CUPC Desk Phone Control Issue with 9951 only


Deskphone control used to work with CUPC 8.5.5 and 9951 phones, and one day at PC startup CUPC was unable to control deskphone. We have only 2 persons using 9951, others are using 8945 and it works perfectly.

Environment :

CUCM 8.6.2

CUPS 8.6.3

CUPC 8.5.5

All latests phone firmware

Users are configured as EM profiles accordingly to their main phoneset type.

I've read other topics about deskphone control issue. Configuration is good. User was able to use CUPC and 9951 several weeks and one day it was not possible anymore. Using the same 9951 phone and the same computer. Trying to control QBE TCP 2748 takes a long time a fails, defaulting to softphone mode. Colleagues with a 8945 succeeded in doing the control.

Configuration control :

- on 9951 device cti control is enabled

- on 9951 dummy line (because using EM) cti control is enabled

- using EM => cti control enabled on end user

- on end user the device profile you want to control is associated and primary line is configured

- Role : Standard CTI enabled and Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and Conf

Any idea ?       


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Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

Click to call buttons are grayed out despite it says connected to QBE 2748

Edit: With Jabber 9.0.3 same problem.


sounds like CUPC cannot detect the phone. Check if:

- The worstation is connected to the device 9951

- In windows network configuration, that CDP protocol is enabled on the NIC which is connected with the device 9951

- Not sure if it is necessary or not, cdp is enabled on the access switch

- Cdp is enabled on device

- Device is associated with the user

- User is associated with line appearance

- User is set as Owner of the device

No need to have a physical link between CUPC and the IP Phone. You can for example run CUPC in a Citrix environment when using the deskphone mode.

davide dumas
Level 1
Level 1

you have to add end users to


Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Conf and Xfer" group to resolve the issue.


Davide Dumas

Hi, thanks for your update.

This setting was already set on all users.

What I've done to solve this issue is the restart of CTI services in the CUCM cluster. Tables have been refreshed and control was possible again.

From time to time , it seems a CUCM CTI restart is good