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Database error CUCM7 Cluster


Hi guys,

I have a production cluster with 3 CUCM 7 servers onde Presence Server, no Unity or Call Center.

I am getting errors when i try to search Devices->Phones

The error is this:

"Error occurred during find. java.sql.SQLException: Could not position within a table (informix.device).

This is random, sometimes a get the output without problems.

I check the replication status from Unified Reporting and everything is OK.

When i run the utils dbreplication status the end of output is:

Error returned from getRow: fetch of cur_2_2281
SQLCODE -243 ISAM -154

Error Details:
          243: Could not position within a table (informix.callmanager).

          154: ISAM error: Lock Timeout Expired

        Current Connection:conn8, Database:ccm7_0_2_10000_18@g_cucmpub_ccm7_0_2_10000_18
command failed -- SQL failure (195)
System is in an error state and replication is not working. Cdr check command has failed with error code 195

end of the file reached

What could be the problem and what can i do to solve it?



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David Hailey

I'd suggest running the DB Replication debug to see if it indicates any inconsistencies.  You do that within Unified Reporting - System Reports > Unified CM Database  Replication             Debug.

From there, you may be able to find where the problem lies.  In either case, you can attempt to reset the DB replication within the cluster.  From the CLI on the publisher, issue "utils dbreplication reset" and then load RTMT and pull up the Replicate State from the Perf Counters.  You should see DB replication go from the current status to 0 and then the reset may take up to an hour or so.  Just watch the counters to see that each node in the cluster moves from 0 to 2 and the replicate counts match as well.  If you have problems with that, you'll need to do reset db replication in a different manner.

Post back with your outcome.


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